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Trading Forex and CFDs is risky

Responsible Trading Policy

Due to the risk involved in trading Binary Options, it is advisable to only use funds that you can afford to lose. OptionTrade is unaware of your objectives, financial situation and requirements, therefore, before deciding to invest in the binary options derivatives we offer, please read the information on this site carefully, taking into account your financial situation and trading goals.

OptionTrade is committed to encouraging responsible trading practices on the part of our customers. Trading the financial markets is a high risk activity, with the acquisition of binary options derivatives being particularly analytical. Since every purchased trade involves the risk of loss of the trade stakes, it is advisable to invest with funds designated specifically for trading.

It is our responsibility to deliver an enjoyable trading experience to each and every customer, while at the same time helping those that are vulnerable to remain fully aware of the social and financial harm associated with problem betting. Our commitment to minimising the negative impact of problem betting is addressed within this policy.

Maintaining Control

When purchasing trades via our website, the majority of our customers do not exceed their means; however, it can be more difficult for some. To maintain control, binaries should be traded in moderation. Trading binary options should be regarded as a form of leisure and not just as a way to make money.

Clients should only enter trades when:

  • they can keep track of the time;
  • they can keep track of the money spent; and,
  • they can afford to lose the stakes.

If you would like to speak to someone about problem betting, please call our confidential helpline on +357-24400561.

Set Guidelines

Although it can be both fun and profitable, trading binary options, just like any other activity, can sometimes become an addiction. We recommend the adoption of the following guidelines to minimize the risk of developing a betting addiction:

  • Educate yourself in our Education Centre and practice your trading skills with our free. Demo Account will enable you to learn the practicalities and principles of the OT Trader platform and give you all the experience you need without risking real money
  • Do not trade binary options if you are tired or under the influence of alcohol.
  • Only trade with money that you can afford to lose. Do not trade with borrowed funds.
  • Set limits on both winning and losing trades. When you reach your target you should reassess the situation before reinvesting.

Do you think that you may be addicted to trading binary options?

If you feel that you are trading to excess and would like to be prohibited from trading on our platform, please contact the OptionTrade customer support team for help via Live Chat, telephone +357 24400561, or email at

Risk Warning: Binary Options Trading is risky.

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